Fear and Trembling

This is a link to an excellent post regarding the recent “falling away” of prominent evangelical author and pastor Joshua Harris. The writer of the famous book I Kissed Dating Goodbye announced that he was “deconstructing” and no longer would call himself a Christian. He also gave an apology to the LGBTQ+ community.
Other than the well-known book, I know little of Joshua Harris or his ministry. I have grown increasingly unsurprised when those who walked among us for a time leave the fold. I have witnessed not a few friends and prominent evangelicals fall away the last several years. 
I do not want to jump to quick reactions thinking that many of these men and women (like Joshua Harris) were never truly earnest or committed to God at one point in their lives. I do not know the thoughts or intents of their hearts. My vantage point is limited—sufficiently so.
While it does not surprise me that people will and do leave the faith, it always saddens me. It also causes me to tremble. It motivat…

Finding Truth

I have understood Paul’s warnings of idolatry in Romans 1 to be pertaining to the heart level of humanity. When we do not worship God with our hearts and, instead, worship idol substitutes, God gives us over to the self-destruction of our desires. This happens to individuals as well as societies; both micro and macro levels. Nancy Pearcey takes this same passage and applies it to the realm of the mind and worldview. What happens when we reject God in our philosophy and input some limited substitute in His place? The short answer is: things do not work.

Pearcey shows that every alternative worldview is at some point unable to answer the questions that are fundamental to human experience. Something self-evident to human existence has to be sacrificed at the altar: “at some point, every idol-based worldview contradicts reality.” Religious Science sacrifices free will. Post-modernism sacrifices obvious reality. Limited constructs cannot contain the majestic whole of the world we live in, f…

You Hold my Lot

In the uncertainties of life I am always struck by the constancy of God. There is sureness in the feet that find their footing in Him. I look about me and it is quite overwhelming to consider the possibilities, the dangers, the opportunities, the pitfalls that each present themselves in varying degrees before me. I feel the pull of self, the growlings of my appetites. I see challenges ahead and I am unsure whether to skirt them or charge them head on. I cannot see very far as the road is dark, but if I focus my eyes, it appears to be forking. 
Much is uncertain to us, but to God nothing is. Our very lives, the Scripture informs us, are held in the palm of His hand. Psalm 16 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, and I frequently go back to the deep security that can be found in the song of David. Verse 5 says, "The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot." 
The battle cry of the modern philosophy preaches that we are the authors of our lives. We and we alon…

Don't Stop Listening

“Stop listening to instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” Proverbs 19:27
There is a temptation for us to grow arrogant as we grow in knowledge. For those of us who have been church attenders for some time, there can arise an internal pride that groans: “I have heard this all before.” “I have heard this teaching over and over again; could we please do something new?” Sometimes our ears tune out the common refrains in Scripture because we have “been there done that” one too many times. As someone who has grown up in a Christian home, attended a Christian school, studied Bible in college, and been immersed in the local church since day 1—I understand the tendency.
The verse above tells us something interesting about human nature in reference to instruction. The father warns his son, if you “stop listening to instruction, you will stray from the words of knowledge.” It is clear that the proper way to walk, the way that accords with the words of knowledge, is n…

In Every Change

Here is a quick life update as there has been a lot going on of late.
Montana had a sonogram for baby #2 due in early September, and we praise God everything is going well! The report came back positive; though due to my wife's wishes we did not find out the gender. In some things, it is important to choose your battles wisely!
Hudson at a year and a half is getting a lot more "toddlery" which comes with its new set of pros and cons. It can be hard being a little guy! Teething has been painful and he is getting a lot of the bumps and bruises typical with this age; but it is fun to watch him see new things and process the world around him as he grows. We wonder how he will react to a sibling!
I have been blessed with some awesome ministry opportunities which are all too cool! I preached back to back weeks the last two weeks (first at The Mission and then at my home church) which I really enjoyed. You can watch my message at Faith Bible Church here.
Professionally, I had a job…

Is Social Media Worth it?

I have been wondering recently if social media is worth it. I am sure it is worth it for some people who have been gifted with a platform and the needed wisdom to use the medium well. Social media like most any tool is neutral territory; it is how one uses its powerful functions which determine its suitability for use.

Here is my recent thought process on why, for me, the cons seem to outweigh the pros:

1) I can get a heartbeat of the culture and what is going on in the world. Perhaps my chief use of social media (largely Twitter) is that I am able to follow theologians, politicians, and other social commentators I respect, and see what they are saying about the events and ideas of the world. Because it is all in real time, it can be helpful to hear what others are saying the moment after something happens.
I also use social media to get a feel for what people are into and the questions people are asking. As Christians I believe we need to be listening to the culture, to a degree, …

Faithful in Little

There is a major emphasis in our world at large on leadership, self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, and finding the best version of yourself. Achieving goals and actualizing dreams. You are familiar with the messaging I am sure. It is no surprise to me that such ideas have for a while existed in our modern, Western Christianity. There is enough overlap between the “modern motivationalism” and the New Testament statements of “life abundant” and “be ye transformed”, that the former can be easily conflated with the latter, provided there is a slight cherry picking of the Bible verses to satisfy the majority of the evangelical masses. Many of us see no contradiction in the two messages, and our Christianity is thus shaped by the surrounding culture.
The difference between the two is subtle, but nevertheless foundational. Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full! But this fullness can only be experienced if we let go of ourselves. If we lose ourselves that we might find…