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Blogger just came out with some pretty sleek new blog themes, so I changed some things up on here; and I am pretty impressed! I think the home page now looks a lot more cleaner than it was before, and the subscription button (front and center) is a lot easier to find. I also like how my profile is quite easy to see on the left hand side of the panel. It looks very nice!

Another thing about this new "theme" is that it encourages sharing posts on different social media outlets with the "share" button located on the top right and bottom left of every post. This means if you read something on here that encourages you or makes you think, it is a lot easier for you to share it with others too. No excuses.

So let me know what you think. If you run across any problems with the new layout, let me know and I can do my best to address them. I am trying to tinker a little with some of the bugs (make sure a lot of my older posts transitioned well to the new format). I think this new theme is easier on the eye, and a lot more navigable. Let me know if you agree!


  1. Although I do miss the 'popular posts' section, I find this layout to be much easier to navigate through since it is much less busy! In addition the hazy color scheme gives a relaxed feeling to the site. Great update! Keep up the good work.


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