My top ten Pixar movies

Today I ran across one of those online slideshows that have no other purpose than to waste your time entitled: Every Pixar Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best. Of course I clicked on it and was slightly disturbed by the conclusions that were made (Inside Out was listed as the best...). Below is my own list:

10. Monsters University. As most sequels generally never live up to the grandeur of the original(except for the Toy Story trilogy), Monsters University was far from the first. But I am still glad they brought the beloved Mike Wazowski and Sullivan back. Great characters--and good story.

9. Inside Out. I have only seen this movie once. It was creative, colorful, and intense--but it lacked the quality of the earlier Pixar masterpieces. I was also disappointed that they showed the funniest scene in its entirety in the previews. Why do we watch movies anyways?

8. Toy Story I. This is a classic that keeps getting better and better. As a kid, I was slightly disturbed by Sid and his Frankenstein/monster toys--however it remains a classic that every child deserves to see.

7. Toy Story II. Better than the fist. Funnier than the first.

6. Ratatouille. This is surprisingly an awesome movie that is incredibly unique. Whoever came up with the idea of a rat master chef who cooks by yanking clumps of human hair was truly genius.

5. Monsters Inc. This is a great movie.

4. A Bug's Life. By far the most underrated Pixar film of all time. As a kid I remember sharing in Flick's horror when he causes the offering of food to fall into the watery abyss below. Flick tries then to recover his name through great deeds--but in the process his foundation of lies (however unintentional they may be) nearly ends him. It is a desperate movie with great leadership principles as well--and plenty of great quotes.

3. Toy Story III. The Toy Storys keep getting better and better. This one involves escaping from the clutches of a fluffy, mob-boss teddy bear.

2. Finding Nemo. You may role your eyes at this selection being so high. But it is a great movie that will continue to be cherished for years.

1. Incredibles. Nothing more to say. This movie eclipses every Marvel and DC creation including The Avengers. Can we stop with the superhero movies now?


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