2 Month Blogging Recap

Today marks two months of the blogging experiment my sister got me started on. Since I have a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head and also am in a transitionary period of my life, I started blogging as a timely way for me to process the things I am learning and articulate them through written words. Overall it has been a beneficial experience so far!

I have been satisfied with the response. In two months I have had a little over 2,000 views over 45 posts which comes to around 45 views a post. It's a start! The most popular ones tend to be on trending topics like my ones on Self Defense, the Christian Response to Refugees, and of course my Star Wars Review.

If you like what I write keep reading and sharing with others! You can subscribe by email on the right hand column, or you can keep up by clicking on my facebook shares. The majority of my posts are explicitly Christian, so if you are encouraged or challenged by something--pass it on. Not everyone will like it, some might even be offended by it--but that is unavoidable these days. The more readership the better.

I welcome dialogue through the comments, and I would like more. I would even like more negative (but civil) comments if your disagree on the slightly "controversial topics," as discussion is always most helpful. We'll see if I can keep up the 4-5 posts a week pace I have set for myself.

For you: If you like it, keep reading and sharing. I'll keep writing!


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