Okay with Being Okay

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Make a difference? Such sentiments are particularly strong among my generation, but everyone understands them. We cry out for significance and to make something with the short life we have.

And unsurprisingly many Christians want to change the world. Our world and nation are both in bad shape. Believers long to be a conduit by which revival sweeps our land. Men pursue high ministries of preaching and teaching, with the hopes that their work counts for something eternal. Something that really makes a difference and impacts hearts for the Kingdom of God.
Deep down I long to bring about such change. I itch to be a part of heaven’s work, for God to use me and for the fruit of my labors to be multiplied. I want to be about that!
But what if God does not want me to be that grand agent of change for revival I desire to be? Would I be okay if that privilege fell to my friend, or someone else? What if instead I am called to a life of unseen servitude as a husband to my wife and a father to future kids? What if my lot is to work at an honest and menial job, to serve faithfully in my church—to grow old, die, and be forgotten--would I be okay with that life?
Part of me inside screams "No." The selfish part of me desires recognition, fame, and glory. A dead end job and snotty kids is not the path to glory! Surely that will not further the Kingdom in parading opulence.
Then I remember that my life is not MY life. It is not about me, it is about my Savior who has called me to be faithful in whatever arena he sees fit. It is His story. May we all then learn like Paul in Philippians 4 the "secret to being content" in every circumstance. Whether in times of plenty or when times are tough; whether the work of our hands is a bountiful harvest or the fruit is hard to see--may we be content with our lot.
And in whatever our lot is, may we be found faithful.
My prayer: “I am not cut out for greatness. Despite my desires and my inner pleas, I am just someone who has been given much. Whatever lies ahead, Lord, I am yours. Whether it be drastic heights, or the more likely periphery plodding—I will serve you with joy. And if that is what you call me to, it is significant.”


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