Worst to First: Live Sports

As your standard, modern American male, I am fond of sports (maybe I will write about the consequences of this in a later post). But not all entertainment is bad, especially if we do not let it consume us.

Here are my worst to first ranking of live professional sporting events: 

5. NFL. I have been to 3 NFL games and they were all miserable. For two of the games I had no personal interest in the outcome, and for one of them I was far too emotionally invested (perhaps that is what made it the MOST miserable). The problem with the NFL is TV timeouts. Every couple of minutes everybody decides to take a break. Add in halftimes, the time between plays, other stoppages--and just about 95 percent of the football game is spent watching players stand. I don't know about you, but I would rather do that in the comfort of my own home--or my parent's home (because I still live there).

4. NBA. I have been to two Pacers games in my time at Indiana. I am not the most avid NBA fan, but I can appreciate some good competition. My conclusion with live basketball is much like NFL: there is nothing you see at the games that you cannot see at home. In fact I believe the TV experience of NBA and NFL are simply significantly better in HD. You can see High Resolution angles and slow motion replays you would never see live (not to mention live commentary and pump up music)--which collectively deceive you into thinking it is all more than a bunch of dudes playing a game.

3. Football/Futbol/Soccer. Most Americans do not have an appreciation for the European Football, but it is growing popularity especially among the young. I have been to a USA vs. Poland game (those Polish fans were crazy) as well as a Liverpool vs. Olympiacos game. Both were at Soldier Field, Chicago. From my limited sample size, soccer games live are about equal to the television experience. You might have to put up with some hooligans, but I appreciate seeing the whole field and the more subtle nuances going on off the ball.

2. MLB. Is there anything better than a day at the ole' ball park? Baseball is a great sport to go to live, party because watching it on TV is so borish. It is not the game, but the entire social experience that baseball offers which makes going to live events so worth it. Different stadiums offer a variety of experiences, but any MLB or minor league game can be a great way to catch up with friends or family you have not spent some quality time with in a while. You do not even have to care who wins!

1. NHL. I just went to my second NHL game in 10 years at the Verizon Center in D.C. and it was hands down the best live sporting event I have ever been to! And it is not like I have been keeping up with my Flyers this year either. Live hockey seems so much faster and the hits seem so much more real (we were fairly high up as well). Similar to soccer, live hockey allows you to see all the play on the ice--not just what the camera angle limits you to. Hockey also feature less stoppages than football and basketball while offering more chaos, energy, and potential for real fights! What is more, the Flyers won a nail biter in overtime with a smooth wrister from Voracek. Sometimes a sweet victory just puts the cherry on top.


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