Hard Sayings

I had the opportunity to do some lay-preaching about two weeks ago (April 9, 2017) at my local church, Faith Bible Church. I preached from John 6, where Jesus begins to speak some "hard sayings" to the people which then causes many of his disciples to leave and "no longer walk with him."

John 6 is an incredibly relevant passage to where we are at today in America 2017. We have come to a place culturally where much of what Jesus says is hard for us, and we can no longer reconcile his words with the world at large. As a result, many are leaving the church, including large numbers of millennials.

But Christianity is not just hard for us to swallow on a societal level. There will be times and seasons where the words of Jesus will seem very hard for us as individuals. When those times come we each will have to answer Jesus's tempting question: "Will you go too?"


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